Vodka Chocolate Milkshake Martini

Vodka Chocolate Milkshake Martini

Vodka Chocolate Milkshake Martini

Bartender: “Double OG, what drink would you prefer?”
Double OG: “Vodka Martini. Milk shaken, not stirred. Make it chocolate.

Excuse my James Bond reference, but I couldn’t resist the urge. I must admit now that my knowledge of cocktails is pretty shaky because I don’t really drink. But recently, I had a gelato vodka martini at Sugarland in Chapel Hill that inspired me to make my own. The result speaks for itself.


Ice cream is a mixture of four components. It is 50% air, 30% ice, 15% unfrozen matrix, and 5% fat. To get the components to the correct ratio at the serving temperature (between 7°F and 14°F), ice cream manufacturers use recipe formulas that get the ice cream to the desired freezing point depression.


This is where we as vodka milkshake martini makers run into difficulty. The ratio of solutes to solvent creates the freezing point depression, however, because we area adding alcohol, a solute that influences the freezing point depression a great deal, we could end up with martini chocolate milk very easily.


We want vodka, but we also want a milkshake. How do we rectify this conundrum? The answer is ice. Ice lowers the temperature of the milkshake, which returns it to a milkshake consistency. For this approach to work, we have to also make sure the rest of the ingredients are in their proper ratios. I would not recommend altering this recipe to a great extent. Adding more alcohol could have major implications for the consistency of this drink.

IMG_6596 IMG_6614_2


Chocolate ice cream- 3 cups
Vodka- 5 oz
Irish Cream/ chocolate liquor- 2 oz
Chocolate chips (melted)- 2 oz
Ice cubes- 4


Combine the ice, ice cream, vodka, Irish cream, and melted chocolate in a blender. Blend until thoroughly incorporated.

Makes 6 servings