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Marquis, the Alchemist

Hi, I am the Dark Chocolate Alchemist, but my actual name is Marquis. I am from Goldsboro, North Carolina, but currently live in Chapel Hill. I completed undergrad at UNC with a Religious Studies B.A. and a minor in Chemistry. Now I am attending UNC medical school as a member of the class of 2018.

It all started with a cookie recipe and an episode of Good Eats. My mom taught me the basics of cooking, but my cooking “experiments” led to some surprising tastes and inedible Kool-Aid. I rediscovered my passion for cooking after I graduated from UNC. By coincidence, I came across Alton Brown’s book, I’m Just Here for the Food at a bookstore in Durham. It was at this point that I began to combine my love for cooking with things that I learned in physics, chemistry, and biology classes.


Olivia, the Web Designer

I don’t have a fancy pseudonym, but my name is Olivia. I’m the tech brain behind the Dark Chocolate Alchemist, taking Marquis’ ideas and conceptualizing them into pixels. I’m from Clayton, NC and live in Chapel Hill too. I also graduated from UNC, but with a B.S. in Information Science and a minor in African American Studies. I love technology and history and am constantly exploring new ways to combine the unique pair together. In order to finesse my skills, I am attending the Information Science M.S. program at UNC and am scheduled to graduate in 2016 (if not sooner!).
This website has allowed me to cultivate my web design skills, learn about photography, and even a little more about cooking. And although cooking is fun, but I think that I enjoy eating a little more! When I’m not working on this website, you can find me reading a book about the manifestations of history or playing the piano in my spare time.